Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Secret Felt Fabrics Scrapbooking

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If you have not tried a lot of styles of felt making, you will lose most of the textile arts experience. Fiber hottest trends in the world today is felt. To capture the beautiful colors of the wool fiber and turn it into something useful, such as sandals or handbag, or something like statue vessel , is to witness the most amazing transformation. Let me introduce you to the different methods of felt making fiber available for artists today.

  • Wet Felt is the oldest form of Felt
Using wool fibers , wet Felt miracle will generate a small bag , vessel , any shape you want! Wet Felt is the process of removing air from wool fibers , which are stacked in organized layers , moistened with water and soap and massaging , rubbing and eventually becomes the object perceived . Magical process makes fiber into felt . Dating as far back in human history , there has been felt , provide warmth and comfort . Clothing , tents , yurts ( round shelter ) and many other practical items have been produced in this way

  • Needle Felt is one art that has evolved from industrial uses.
Felt a simple needle secured in the bed with thousands and used to produce things like carpet underlay , felt boot liners , insulation blankets and hitting . Taken by itself , be a very versatile tool for fiber artists . Without stitching or stuffing shape , the figure can be built up, layer by layer with wool fibers and a simple tool : Felt needle . The face can be specified entirely with colored wool using this method . Because the possibilities are endless !

  • Knitting - Many knitters have fun with felt
Knitting hats , bags , gloves , etc. with wool yarn. It is then placed in a washing machine to shrink and become noticeably . This process is called " fulling , " though often referred to as felt . This produces a fabric feels , strong , warm and beautiful to wear .
So try playing with wool if you have not done so . There are so many styles to choose from . I love it and I am very passionate about all of it in the form of felt .

  • The trimmer machine - The latest newcomer to the scene is a machine made ​​felt adorn.
A trimmer sewing machine of sorts, without weft or dog . Needle Felt Felt needles do the work , put in a single or group of machines needle holder . Using the machine , flat pieces of work can be made felted and decorated . Many fiber artists and quilters create beautiful work with single - purpose machines .

Felt is a trendy and popular fabric in the craft . I also want to use felt while crafting with my children . You can make felt into 3D photos , you can sew felt flowers , you can cut the felt into different shapes and paste it on your scrapbooking etc.

Secret # 1 : Felt scrapbooking adhesive patch work with .

Felt can be used with the adhesive . Use adhesive felt able to insert , do patching different colors of felt on top of each other to create layers and depth design look .
Secret # 2 Sew fabrics of felt into different patterns to create home made ornaments .

You can sew fabrics of felt into different shapes , objects such as flowers such as roses , lilies , etc. I want to cut into the shape of felt fabrics lily flower and then cut out and sew together to create a 3D view of a lily flower . You can use the same method for the ride too !

Secret # 3 design on the felt using a marker or acrylic paint to create a pattern as your background scrapbooking .

I love painting and drawing . You can use perceived as a closed -based frame your photos , then color becomes different simple patterns to create a stunning design !

Secret # 4 Felt shells with stones or gravel to make home made scrapbooking theme .

Wrap felt around the gravel, then the soap into some parts of poster paint , wait for it to dry , open flannel , then you will see good design in the center felt. Wrap colored fabrics of felt on canvas miniature size A5 , then issue multiple shell design with inserts on all four corners to create designs beautiful natural sea theme !

Secret # 5 felt compliment with a cloth or other construction paper multicolored scrapbooking layouts to create harmony .

Felt fabrics are always coming up with a very harmonious colors . You can add perceived together with very striking colorful construction paper . Felt also helps to tone down some of the complex textures or patterns on clothing . You can use this concept in your scrapbooking to create a harmony of design as well !